The Arcade's new homepage


Over the last few days, we've been working on a new homepage for the Arcade to better carry out its mission of providing fun, free games with less ads than other sites. Before, the Arcade's homepage was its blog, which didn't do the site much justice. Why go through the blog to get to the games? It just didn't make sense. So, we made a new, dynamic homepage and made the blog another page.

The new homepage, which has been online for the past few days, is now better than ever. The first thing visitors see when they go onto the Arcade is an amazing collage of its various games (their pictures and names). Hover over one of the images and it will rotate using the next generation of web-based animation. Click on it and you will be taken to that particular game. There are always more games being added on, so the homepage will only get bigger and better.

Why does this matter? Since the Arcade was spun off from The E Club, the blog was always its homepage, right? At The E Club, we're always focused on improving the overall experience visitors and members get on The E Club Family. With the new homepage, the Arcade experience is much improved because it focuses on the games rather than the latest improvements to the site or writings about the new games.

We hope you enjoy the new homepage, and the blog will always be right here. Happy gaming!