(Re)Introducing Super Mario Bros. 3 and Hints Hotline


Since the beginning, The E Club Arcade has always been different than other arcade sites - with less ads, faster games, and a minimalist interface, the Arcade has always managed to stand out. Now, I'm pleased to introduce two new reasons why the Arcade is unique.

Despite how new games have great graphics, advanced items, and a more complex storyline, retro games are still extremely popular. Let's face it: retro games (like Super Mario Bros. 3) are irreplaceable and are now extremely hard to find, but today The E Club Arcade is making it easier to find and play a classic retro game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (again). Yes, that's right - Super Mario Bros. 3 is officially back at the Arcade.

A few years ago, I released Super Mario Bros. 3 on the Arcade, but due to excessive glitches and stability issues, it had to be taken off. Now, thanks to more advanced technologies (inspired by and developed for the ClubIt! Button Designer), Super Mario Bros. 3 is back and just about glitch-free! There are still some times when the game doesn't load, and you must have Java installed or an HTML5-capable browser in order to play, but the game is out of testing and pretty much 100% stable. Can you think of any other Flash game arcade site that has a retro game on it? Probably not; this is one of the reasons why the Arcade is unique. Make sure to check it out now.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is quite a complex game, and today, many complex games have some kind of hints (such as hint movies at Peach's Castle in New Super Mario Bros. Wii or the Sheikah Stone in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) to guide the player without spoiling the entire game. Inspired by these, the Arcade will be rolling out a revolutionary new feature for all games in the next few months: Hints Hotline. It's already released for SMB3, and you can get hints on how to play and a hint movie (thanks to MeTube) by clicking on the Hints Hotline link below the screen. This is yet another element that sets the Arcade apart from other sites.

I am very excited to be introducing these two things to the Arcade, and I hope you enjoy them. Happy gaming!