The E Club Mario Arcade: The Mission


Have you ever wondered, "Why does The E Club Mario Arcade even exist?", or something like that? Well, it's more based on my experiences with arcade websites. Here is the main reason why The E Club Mario Arcade is on the web. Ads. On other game arcade sites, such as Daily Free Games, where The E Club Mario Arcade gets most of its games from, has so many ads on it, sometimes my whole computer locks up! I also get extremely annoyed by all of the pop-up ads that come up when I go to another page in the site. The E Club Mario Arcade has an important mission: To provide visitors with the best Super Mario Flash Games, while having the least amount of ads possible. The E Club Family Websites aren't part of 50,000 publisher ad networks, only one. Google AdSense, and then there are DoubleClick for Publishers and the Google Affiliate Network, but they are all connected. The E Club Mario Arcade isn't a scam, either. There was a website called that advertised on The E Club Family Website AdSense ads, and it used the copyrighted images of Mario and Luigi in their ads, and it said that you could play Mario flash games on the site. When I went to PlayPickle (I just typed in the URL, not by the ad), I looked around, and there was not a Super Mario Flash Game in sight. I then blocked those ads from my inventory, and those ads are now gone.