More Mario Flash Games (and other things) Being Added to the Arcade!


The E Club Family Websites always strive for the best of what each website does. For example, The E Club has lots of the best Super Mario, Star Trek, and science information. Well, The E Club's Mario Arcade is hosting some of the best Super Mario flash games out there. Now, this Arcade is going to add on and make it better.
  • There are now updates from The E Club's Facebook page and Twitter pages. Now you can see updates from both pages at the same time without going to the pages. You can also instantly like The E Club Facebook from the widget.
  • More Google AdSense optimization. The E Club Family Websites have increased the AdSense ad units towards the top of each page to give you a set of related links to that website's content. On the Mario Arcade, there are lots of Google AdSense ads, yet not those annoying ads that make your computer crash.
  • Links to other cool Mario Flash Game sites. The E Club Mario Arcade will now be referring to other sites that have cool Mario Flash Games on them. These links are not ads, so feel free to check them out!
  • A Google Friend Connect bar on the top of the page. Details apply: Sorry, Firefox 3, but the Google Friend Connect bar only appears in Google Chrome and Firefox 4.