A new way to play at the Arcade


From the time of its inception, The E Club Arcade has always been different from other arcade sites - with much fewer ads, a simpler interface, and the best Mario (and one Star Trek) Flash games on the web, the Arcade has been a true innovator in the online gaming field. But there was one problem that hindered even greater innovation and more games: The Arcade could only have a limited amount of pages, so if there were one game per page, the whole site would run out of space pretty quickly. As a result, there are multiple games per page (except for Featured, Flash Trek, and Super Mario Bros. 3), but the game sizes are smaller than they should be and have slower playback than they would have standing alone.

A few weeks ago, we redesigned the Arcade's homepage to focus on the games rather than the blog. When a visitor would click on an image of a game on the homepage, they would be taken to that game on one of the pages. This redesign made the Arcade easier to navigate and brought up a new question: Can this layout be used to somehow put each game on its own page? Today, I'm very happy to say that this question has been answered.

Before I go into detail about the solution, think of Google Maps. Up until earlier this year, the Google Maps site had the standard Google header (logo, search box, account information) on top, a sidebar to the left, and the map on the right. After that, Google released a complete overhaul of the site, allowing the map itself to take advantage of every single pixel of the display, search and account information built around it, not vice versa.

The Arcade's redesign utilizes a similar concept as Google Maps did. Instead of having to go to one of six pages and scroll to get to the game you want to play, just click on an image of the game you want to play on the homepage, and an overlay (a popup, but on the site rather than a new window) will appear with the game in the largest size it possibly can be and Hints Hotline. While on other arcade sites the games are small, the Arcade allows you to play great Flash games in the biggest, best, and fastest resolution they can be. You can also play just about every last game on the Arcade without leaving the homepage. We're still debugging and fixing any slight problems in the new interface, but you can try it out today by going to the homepage and clicking on any game's image (except for Super Mario Bros. 3's, which still leads to the game's page for technical reasons). This technology is unprecedented in the online arcade field.

A revolutionary interface means a revolutionary site-wide redesign. At a glance, the Arcade looks exactly the same as it did before yesterday, when this redesign was started and finished, but on the inside, the Arcade is much better in many ways: The Arcade now looks the same on all computer (not mobile) screen sizes and browsers, when before the site was too wide for smaller screens; more technical improvements (such as better search engine optimization and a custom-fit ad unit in the sidebar) have been introduced, and the Arcade loads and runs faster overall.

You will find no other online arcade site with the same level of technological sophistication and simplicity that The E Club Arcade has, and these revolutionary updates put high-tech in the hands of visitors like you. Make sure to experience this by going to the homepage and clicking on a game's image.