Tip: Your games, your way with Super Mario Flash & 63


The E Club Arcade has a variety of entertaining Mario Flash games (and the number of games will constantly increase), but what if you've played every last one of them? The solution lies within two of the games here at the Arcade: Super Mario Flash and Super Mario 63.

But what if you beat those too? Well, there's more to these two games than meets the eye: custom levels. Within these two games are level designers that allow you to create your own levels by dragging and dropping tiles (like the ground), items, enemies, warp zones, and more onto an area that will be your level. You can edit your custom level as much as you want; you can then play it and share it with the world.
Here's how to access the level designers:

In Super Mario Flash:

  • Go to the game by clicking here.
  • Instead of clicking on "1 Player Game" in the main menu, click on the item below it: "Level Editor".
  • Choose your player by clicking on Mario or Luigi.
  • A screen titled "Level Editor" should appear with some options.
    • Click on "Create" to build a new level;
    • If you want to load or create a new level, click "Delete";
    • Click "Load" if you have the code for an already-made custom level, and paste it in the resulting text box. I have created a custom level in Super Mario Flash, and you can play it by getting the code (in a txt file), copying its contents (yes, all of it) and pasting it into the "Load" screen. (The level is a bit of a challenge, but it's possible!)
    • Click "Play" to play your new level or a loaded one. (For more levels, try searching for discussions and sites that have level codes.)
  • After building your level, you can share it with others by giving them the code (the really long string of numbers and some letters like above) by clicking "Code" (it will appear where "Load" was only with a new or loaded level) and copying the resulting code and pasting it into wherever you want.

In Super Mario 63:

  • Go to the game by clicking here.
  • Once the game loads, you will be taken to the main menu. Click on the green "Extras" button below the two other buttons.
  • In the Extras menu, click on the green "Level Designer" button.
  • On this section, there will be other custom levels that other players have created. Click on the blue "Create Level" button above that list of custom levels.
  • After building your level, you can share it by clicking on the blue "Share Level" button and following the resulting instructions.

That's how to create levels in Super Mario Flash and Super Mario 63. Make sure to try out the level I created for Super Mario Flash by getting the code and pasting it into the "Load" menu in Super Mario Flash. Enjoy these cool features!