Solving Series with Super Smash Flash


The E Club Arcade's interface is the most unique in the online arcade gaming world, but how could it work for series of games? One thing leads into another - Super Smash Flash 2 (v0.9b, the latest version, to be exact) is finally here at the Arcade. What does this have to do with the interface working for series? Well, Super Smash Flash 2 is the result of some major updates of Super Smash Flash (1), so 2 is basically the original's sequel, making a series of two. Getting Super Smash Flash 2 on the Arcade caused a bit of a problem: How can we get the game here but only use one "tile" on the homepage for both games? Today, that question has been answered - The E Club Arcade now has a beautiful integration for game series on top of its already revolutionary interface. At a glance, it looks like nothing has changed on the homepage - all of the tiles are the same and in the same locations. But when you hover over the Super Smash Flash tile, something different happens; a mini-overlay covers the tile and two buttons appear over that: 1 and 2. Click "1" and you can play the original Super Smash Flash; click "2" and you can play the cutting-edge Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9b. As time goes on, we'll use this new technique to add even more games from series to the Arcade, including the rest of the Super Mario Star Scramble series and more. And one more thing - The E Club Arcade's games never worked on mobile devices and probably never will, but if you visited the homepage on a smartphone or tablet, it looked exactly the same as it would on desktops or laptops, except the games didn't work. Now, we have halted that confusion by hiding everything but a message that says the games don't work on mobile devices. Enjoy!